Meet Mikey
May 21, 2020

The portrait of a Texan cowboy or cattleman has been romanticized for nearly two centuries now. That archetypical lonesome Marlboro man staring off into the sunset on his steed, stoic and mysterious. And sure, there’s probably a few left like that, but a modern ranch hand—like, Mike Davis for example—is probably a bit more contemporary than his predecessors. As a ranch hand, Mike works with cattle, loves animals, but also labors hard in all the other areas that go into managing a ranch. But for Mike, Marfa’s always been the true draw to this lifestyle, ever since he first came some years ago, staying on his friend’s ranch and watched the sunrise and sunset for 8 days straight. It was an experience that felt more home than home…

“Mostly, I do a lot of the more day-to-day type work,” says Mike. “It ends up being a lot of, like, mechanic-ing and plumbing and digging dirt, and driving around. More mundane stuff. But the landscape, that’s what really does it for me. I grew up in the suburbs, you know? It was boring, but this is more exciting to me because it feels like I'm actually a part of something bigger than myself. I mean, this is just always the kind of stuff that I wanted to be doing: Staying dirty and working hard in a beautiful place. It's a pretty simple equation. It works for me.”

Beau to chef Luci Bockelie over at Marfa’s Water Stop restaurant, Mike is a true eyeconoclast that sees life through a different lens. “I don't think it's an accident or a coincidence that when you talk about Marfa, you mention ‘magic’ a bunch. There really is something about this place and every single day feels like a life-changing moment to me. I really appreciate this place and my life here. It's both comfortable and challenging and beautiful. It sort of feels like at this point, I've always been here. In a weird way, I just sort of I don't remember what it's like to live anywhere else. I don't want to know.”




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Meet the (Chow) Maker: Rebecca Bockelie
April 02, 2020

There’s an old idiom that warns us about having “too many cooks in the kitchen,” but out in Marfa—with all that room to breathe (and cook)—sometimes some extra perspective is welcomed. Because even when you decide to up and do your own thing, like Rebecca Bockelie, a chef who started and runs the Water Stop restaurant in Marfa with her sister, Luci—doing your own thing still requires collaboration. Beautiful and bold, Rebecca had worked as a sous chef in LA and New York for years, but decided to open up her own joint in a place where creativity—and damn good food—wouldn’t be stifled.

“Have I been able to be true to who I am since I've gotten to Marfa?” muses Rebecca. “I believe I have. Marfa’s a lot like the Wild West of West Texas. I mean, it seems like untamed and wild and hard to get to, but personally, my landing in Marfa was easy and gentle compared to living in a big city. It's just a dream because you can do things that you want to do like open your own restaurant. You can't always do that in big cities or other areas.”

A true maker and entrepreneur, certainly, it’s this very gumption and heart that eyebobs is attracted to and embodies. But seriously…can you really not have too many cooks in a kitchen? “Oh, that’s just part of the creative process at a restaurant,” laughs Rebecca “It involves everybody, and everyone gives their input on everything that happens. Sure, sometimes, I'm like, ‘That's enough,’ or ‘It's my restaurant still!’ But it's a really great way to do it because everybody's so proud of the product that we put out since it involves all of them.”


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Stop Your Squinting
March 24, 2020

Think of all the times you wished you could wear your reader, and your sunglasses, at the same time. Like the time you were out to brunch on that new gorgeous patio at your favorite restaurant and you couldn't read the menu without being blinded by the sun. Or that time you were on the golf course and you wanted to mark down the Birdie you just got on your score card but couldn't see without your readers.

The solution? eyebobs' Reader Sunglasses. Whether you're off on a short holiday or spending the rest of the season down south - color us jealous - a stylish sunreader makes for the perfect travel sidekick. Pulling double duty, one pair of sunreaders is all you need to take you from your morning stroll to the beach to happy hour with friends at your favorite water hole. Plus, packing light means more room to bring back souvenirs. AND, with eyebobs new Any Frame, Any Lens approach to eyewear, you can get a reader sunglass in ANY FRAME. That's over 400 options for you to choose from!

So how do they work?

Unlike a traditional reader, sunreaders feature a lined bifocal lens with the power you need on the bottom with no correction on the top allowing you to wear them outside all day, regardless of activity. So you can brunch, golf, and garden 'til your heart's content.

What are people saying about them?

“Seriously, eyebobs sunglass readers changed my life. I don't have to search for my reading glasses when I'm outdoors doing things and can read my phone and see the car dash instruments when driving my car. And, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on my yellow frame Board Stiff sunreaders. From cable installers, to Starbucks baristas, strangers on the street to friends and family, EVERYONE stops me and asks about my sunglasses and I am thrilled to help change their lives and make them as happy as I am with this product.” – Nancy B.

Ready to start shopping?

Meet Jamey and Constance
March 13, 2020

Earthy and thoughtful with a certain timeless cool, the designer/craftsmen duo, Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza, stock their sophisticated workshop Garza Marfa with meticulously crafted and curated goods that seem to embody the vibe they radiate. Effortlessness. Warmth. Authenticity. The vibe eyebobs goes for in each frame we craft. Specializing in gorgeous leather furniture, textiles, ceramics and apothecary, perhaps the feeling inside Garza Marfa is a replication of what the couple felt when they first got to town back in 2003.

Sinking into one of their renowned leather chairs that Jamey crafts, the scent of sage lingering in the air, one would probably wonder: Is it heaven...or more the other one, working and operating a business with your spouse? “Nah, I think we both get it, you know?” laughs Constance. “I mean, I think there's compromises for sure. But most of the time we're on the same page.” “Yeah, it's a good system,” agrees Jamey. “We’re a good team. We both have our strengths as to where we takethings, and then the other one gets it to where it really becomes the right piece.” Long time eyebobs wearers and lovers of the brand themselves, indeed, Jamey and Constance certainly look like they complete each other.


Eyeconoclast words:

Makers, Craftsmen, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Partners, Creatives, Dreamers, Visionaries, Designers, Lovers, Eyeconoclasts

Frame Your Day.
March 10, 2020

A day in the life of an eyebobs customer means changing into a different pair of frames depending on the calendar.

You wouldn't wear the same shoes to work as you do to the gym. Or date night. Or brunch. Or walking your dog. So if you'd change what's on your feet to match the activity, why not change out your frame? Think about it... your glasses are your first introduction to the world, which is why we'd recommend having a frame for every look.

Rise and shine at 7 a.m. and sit down to coffee in Case Closed. At the office, switch to Clearly and dive into that new business pitch. When happy hour calls, propose a meaningful toast with BYOB. Squeeze in Karaoke with Butch. The more the merrier? In this case, yes.

Check out some of our favorite styles for each part of the day. 

The Gym
The Gym
Shop Waylaid
The Patio
The Patio
Fizz Ed
Shop Fizz Ed
The Boardroom
The Boardroom
Shop Boardroom
Date Night
Date Night
Jane Dandy
Shop Jane Dandy
Prescription Frames. Custom Made For You.
February 29, 2020

Did you know that your eyebobs prescription frame is made custom to fit your face exactly? We work tirelessly to perfect every piece of your unique frame. The lens, the hardware, the colors, you name it. We check, then double check, each pair of glasses to make sure that what you're getting is no less than our best work - all so that you can see the world with perfect clarity.

Have you graduated from readers to prescription frames? Not sure you'll be able to find the same great fit and fashion forward style in a pair of new specs? We’ve got news for you. It’s possible. And what’s better – it’s easy.

Choose the Perfect Frame

A rule of thumb when you’re shopping for a frame is that opposites attract. If you have a roundish face, look for a rectangular or other angular frames. If you have a more angular face, round or organic frames are for you. It’s all about balance. Of course, rules are meant to be broken. If you find a pair of frames that make you feel amazing… go for it!

Measure Your PD

PD (Pupillary Distance) is the space between your pupils. Everyone’s eyes are spaced apart differently, so we need this measurement to make sure your prescription lenses work for you. Without it your vision could turn out blurry.

The majority of prescriptions will have the PD measurement right on them. If not, you can check with your eye care provider to see if they have it on file. Or, you can measure it yourself at home with our handy PD measurement tool.

Click here to measure your PD!

Send Us Your Prescription

We’ve made this process super easy for you- faster than heating up leftover hot dish. Once you have your frame in your shopping cart, click on the Submit My Prescription option and select how you would like to submit it. You can scan it and upload it from your computer or by snapping a photo on your phone and emailing it to us. If you’d like, you can even have eyebobs reach out to your eye care provider to get your prescription.

Still not sure you have it all figured out? Give our Customer Experience team a call at 866-393-2627. They can help you through any existential crisis or eyewear conundrum.

Book Club
February 17, 2020

Most folks would agree that there is something intrinsically calming about stepping into a book shop. The meticulously well-curated shelves at Milkweed bookstore in Minneapolis are no exception. Maybe it’s the steadfast quiet found in a bookstore—that brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But even more than a sweet escape and the scent of freshly printed pages, it’s the treasures and worlds and sheer humanity these books contain that make them such safe havens. Sharp as a tack with a penchant for poetry, Daniel Slager, the publisher and CEO of Milkweed Editions recognizes the power of a good book. Milkweed Editions is a non-profit independent publisher located in Minneapolis, focused on publishing transformative literature, built around debut and experiential writers. A true eyeconoclast and actual author-maker, Slager understands the way language, in particular, carries all cultures—and how books can carry these very languages. It’s this concept that led to Milkweed’s fascinating Seed Bank series.

 “A lot of people don't realize how quickly we're losing biodiversity on the planet,” says Daniel. “The same thing is happening with languages and human culture and literature. With each language and literature that we lose, we lose a way of seeing the world. So, in keeping with our commitment to publishing books in this area and with an eye for protecting some of this vanishing cultural diversity, we created the Seed Bank series to represent a different way of seeing the world—seeds for potential regeneration.” Milkweed actually kicked off their Seed Bank series with an ancient Mayan creation story known as Popol Vuh (named a top poetry title of the year by the New York Times.)

And while Daniel certainly isn’t blind to the state of print media since the dawn of the Internet age, he still knows that everyone, everywhere is constantly reading…something. Even if in Tweet or caption-form. So, then, what does the publishing world need according to Daniel? “I think all we need to do is get more people reading more books, but more meaningful books. It's actually been shown by many studies that people who read more are more empathetic. And it's my own personal opinion that we live in a time where we could use a little more empathy. I think if we had more of that, we would have a kinder culture and society and a more sustaining one.”

Amen to that.

Meet Johnny
February 13, 2020

Most lives are governed by the clock. Deadlines must be met, units must move. But some lives, like that that of artist Johnny Sufficool—in a place like Marfa, where there’s room to let your soul wander—are lived with a kind of Zen-like intention. With looks of a handsome, old cowboy and gravely voice to match, Johnny is a renowned character well woven into the fabric of Marfa’s groovy, far-flung community. An artist and true eyeconoclast who’s lived here for over 40 years, Johnny’s rusty and magnificent “art cars” were crafted in Marfa, but now live in museums from Beverly Hills to Sun Valley.

While an artist by trade, perhaps Johnny’s equal love is gardening, the two passions sharing that certain magical quality folks seek in the town of Marfa itself: slowness. “Gardening, to me, not only does it feed yourself, but when you touch the ground, especially with your bare hands or your bare feet, it has a grounding and a calming effect that could probably cure insane people if they would just touch the earth for a while,” says Johnny, in a voice that seems to come from somewhere deep in the soil. “Gardening connects you directly to the earth and it’s another one of those things that really slows you down because it takes a minimum of about two months for anything to produce. So that teaches you to not to get in a horrible rush which is something that goes contrary to the speed of life now.”

Inventive and introspective, a conversation with Johnny quickly forms some unexplainable connection. And according to him, that’s mostly why he came to Marfa and why he makes art—to connect with people. Whether he’s got his gloves on a piece of scrap metal, or his bare hands in the dirt, Johnny Sufficool continually inspires creativity. He inspires others, like eyebobs’ motto goes, to see things differently.  “I see life sort of like a river,” he smiles. “A river's got a strong current in the middle and then it's got eddies on the side, but if you take look and jump in for the main current, life is a magical experience. It might be a little crazy at first but it definitely gets fun and is never boring.”

All Day Readers. Always On.
February 04, 2020

We believe that the right pair of glasses can change lives, and we know that doesn't begin and end with traditional readers - you need your personality framed all day long in order to be your true and authentic self. All day readers are the perfect pairing of fashion and function, to get your power only when you need it while rocking your frames from dawn to dusk. Here’s the scoop on our new and improved ADRs.


What exactly is an ADR?

Glad you asked! eyebobs frames are a wardrobe staple- the cherry on top of your perfectly curated wardrobe - and we want you to be able to wear them from morning 'til night. With a progressive lens featuring your reader magnification in the lower part of the frame, half the magnification in the middle of the frame, and no magnification at the top, there’s no more on and off. This allows you to seamlessly go from your morning paper to your desktop to lunch with friends, all without having to switch your glasses.


'New and Improved'? How so?

Fact: progressive lenses can be harder to get used to than a lens that only corrects for one field of distance. To make the transition easier, we now offer a personalized version including the ability to customize the pupillary distance to your exact measurements, as well has introducing predictive seg heights (the size of each segment of the lens) to ensure the best fit. Quick note - because this product is now custom, please allow 7-10 business days for the order to ship. We promise - it's worth the wait!


Expanded selection too?!?

Yes! We now offer ALL of our frames as ADRs! Check out a few of our most loved frames that are now available in an All Day Reader.

Featured Framist - Salecia
January 27, 2020

If you haven't visited our Glenwood location for a personalized framing session with Salecia, you are missing out! While framing personalities is her main gig, Salecia is also a locally renowned artist, getting her hands into many different mediums - most notably as a spoken word performer. We sat down with her over a hot beverage to chat about how she approaches her role as a Framist at eyebobs.

Q: How long have you been with eyebobs and what do you like most about being a framist?

I started at the Mall of America location last March - so coming up on a year already! Before coming to eyebobs I had worked in more traditional corporate environments, and while I have had wonderful and valuable experiences in my previous positions, I love how eyebobs empowers our customers and employees to be their true and authentic selves. I've also really enjoyed assisting with the in store events we've hosted this year - it's a great way to connect more deeply with customers and the local community.

Q: How do you approach framing personalities? Isn't it challenging to get a sense of who someone when you have only spoken to them for a few minutes?

It all depends on the person. Sometimes it's really easy to get to know someone if they easily engage in conversation with you - I was a barista for 4 years and have always had a knack for connecting with people quickly. If I am struggling to get a customer to open up, I will just start with a frame that I feel will look great on them and then iterate from there. I am really into fashion and immediately jived with eyebobs' mission of framing personalities. I love that moment when you find the perfect frame for a customer and immediately see a giant smile on their face.

Q: What are some of your go to frames right now?

I really gravitate towards larger frames right now - I love helping customers who come in saying they need to find something to "fit their big head" because I can totally relate!

  • Genius - "the metal and acetate combination is gorgeous and really on trend"
  • Work Wife - "the colors in this frame are absolutely beautiful"
  • Miss Demeanor - "this frame is super versatile, fits many face shapes and sizes and comes in some great color options"

Q: Finally, what is something about you that others might be surprised to find out?

I'm really excited to get old! I'm the youngest of 4 kids and have always felt that there are certain expectations - or lack thereof - for young people. I can't wait to get to the point in my life when I am more "refined" and age isn't really a question anymore. I think my mom has had a big influence on this for me - I really admire her, she doesn't let her age define her at all. She never settles and is never afraid to try something new - if she wants to do something she figures out a way. I mean, she did a handstand on her last birthday...I can't do that now! She definitely gets better with age and sets the bar high for me!

Meet the Makers Marfa
January 17, 2020

Though we commonly congregate together in towns and cities, often reaching skyward in towering, concrete high rises, there has always been an allure for the magic of the middle of nowhere. One such oddly enchanting place is Marfa, Texas, a sunbaked, wind-kissed one-horse town quietly nestled among the vast grasslands of the Chihuahuan Desert.

While Marfa’s well-written town motto goes: “Tough to get to. Tougher to explain,” most residents and visitors would reckon that Marfa’s magic comes from its sheer space. The sky out there feels utterly infinite. The night reveals a map of constellations that seem to redefine perspective. The terrain looks barren, but if you slow down with the sun and pay attention to the light, the shadows cast an everchanging view of the landscape throughout the day. Out in Marfa, for the cowboys, the cattlemen, and the creatives alike, that very space—to roam, to think, to dream—explains it all. 

Rising from the dust and into our collective consciousness with the arrival of renowned minimalist artist and critic Donald Judd in the 1970s, his large, lonesome art installations (among other artists’ work he brought in) transformed Marfa into an artist’s far-flung destination. That is, if one had the mettle to make it all the way out there and stay a little while. Since then, it’s precisely this remoteness that attracts the diverse and eclectic community of makers and creatives who’ve made their home in Marfa that we focused on this season to see life differently…more bodly…more clearly. A magic that inspires others in the knowledge that often, all you need is less in order to do more. 

Hello Healthy. Bye Bye Blue Light.
January 16, 2020

Did you know that 70% of Americans suffer from digital eyestrain? That means for every 10 people, 7 of them experience dry eye, headaches, and blurred all caused by the harmful Blue Light rays emitted from digital devices. This includes that phone you’re scrolling on all day and the tablet you’re reading on before bed. Blue Light can even disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which helps you fall and stay asleep.

This can be overwhelming, especially in the digital world we call home. But here’s the good news (yep, there’s good news). You don’t have to be a statistic. Eyebobs offers almost all frames with Blue Light lenses, protecting you from those harmful rays. What’s better? All lenses come equipped with an anti-reflective coating, reducing glare and making your vision sharper and clearer.

The protection you get from eyebobs Blue Light helps you work longer and more comfortably, log more screen time and of course, look amazing. Available in most styles and colors, in both readers, non-magnified ‘plano’ lenses and as a coating on prescription lenses.

Browse all Blue Light frames now and you’ll be clicking, swiping and tapping Blue-Light-free until your heart’s content.

Ann Kim - Pizza, Passion and Purpose
November 29, 2019

At its best, food has the ability not only to nourish the body and please the palate, but to tell a story. Chef Ann Kim’s menus speak entire volumes - not just about her personal history, but a bold philosophy on both food and life that unapologetically exclaims “F@#$ fear.” The expansive, modern dining room at Young Joni in Northeast Minneapolis provides even more richness to the narrative – it’s filled floor-to-ceiling with warm wood tones and lush plants, and punctuated by the massive wood-fired oven that is so central to Kim’s unique culinary journey.

Having moved from South Korea to Minnesota at just four years old, Kim remembers an early infatuation with cooking. She fondly recalls hours spent in the kitchen alongside her mother and grandmother crafting Korean staples like kimchi and fermented bean paste. It wasn’t until her time attending Columbia University in NewYork City that Kim cemented a deep and abiding love of pizza. She subsisted during those “broke college years” on cheese slices from the ubiquitous corner shops. Upon her return to the Midwest, Kim pined for those perfect slices, sparking a deep desire to bring amazing pizza to Minnesota.

After a stint as a working actress in Minneapolis’ thriving theater scene, Kim’s passion for food was reignited. Though she had no formal experience in the industry, she opened her first restaurant, Pizzeria Lola in 2010. Fusing her take on wood fired pizza with the Korean staples of her childhood, Kim’s menu attracted diners in droves from the Twin Cities and beyond. Kim went on to open New York style slice shop Hello Pizza in 2013. In November of 2016, she opened Young Joni, to the acclaim of critics, neighborhood locals and visitors alike. In May of this year, AnnKim received the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Chef – Midwest.


“My approach to creativity is about pushing the edge, staying open to possibility and saying no to fear.”

With a fourth restaurant on the way, Kim has no plans to alter this approach. She continues to set the culinary world ablaze, honing her unique twist on globally inspired cuisine and trusting in herself (and, of course, pizza.)

Meet The (Abstract) Maker.
November 22, 2019

Sometimes you follow the beaten path, and sometimes you just have to make a mess. Abstract painter, designer and muralist Ashley Mary excels in the art of the beautiful mess. Stepping into her Northeast Minneapolis art studio, you are immediately surrounded by the loveliest chaos. The open, airy space is set aglow by mid-afternoon light streaming through the massive bank of windows – though it’s reasonable to assume the space would glow as brightly without the sun’s assistance. Everywhere you look, Ashley Mary’s visual language of abstract shapes in vibrant color is on full display – on canvas, stationery, three dimensional wooden figures, even skateboards. The space is punctuated by lush plants, mid-century furniture and found objects that mirror Ashley’s signature color palette. The combined is at once impeccably curated and impossibly cheerful.

“I hold everything loosely. The best things happen in my work when I leave room for surprises. I don’t believe in perfect, I believe in process, exploration and experimentation.” This approach to creativity extends to Ashley’s personal style as well. Her wardrobe is a bright, playful mix of new and vintage pieces, with custom paint splatter a prominent feature on nearly every piece. “The colors I wear give me different energies, which is vital to my mood and my work. And I paint in everything I wear, so I don’t invest too much in any one piece.” Oversized jackets, cool sneakers and accessories are a go-to as well – including the one accessory that goes with everything, her foxy pup Ren. (A mother/son matching moment has been known to occur, as Ren’s wardrobe is equally extensive).

Much like the shapes featured in her work, Ashley Mary’s path has been an organic one. After completing her undergraduate degree in religion, Ashley began moonlighting making and selling small collages. Over the course of the next few years, she’d sold enough work to recognize that art was her calling. She went back to school to pursue a master’s degree in web and graphic design, and from there immersed herself fully in graphic and product design and developing her unique style of work. Today Ashley focuses her creative energy on creating paintings, installing murals, product and surface design and collaboration with interesting, creative brands.


Meet The (Style) Maker.
November 19, 2019

To enter Heimie’s Haberdashery in Lowertown St. Paul is to step back into a world well-curated. From the moment you cross the threshold, you feel the gravitas of family tradition as well as the dedication to craft. Thoughtfully adorned with vintage casework, carefully selected antiques and tasteful taxidermy, the ambience is at once refined and welcoming.

The shop’s proprietor, Anthony Andler, gives us a glimpse into the storied history of Heimie’s and their more than 90 years in the menswear industry. “My grandfather, Heimie Andler, came to Saint Paul from Russia in 1917, in the midst of the Russian Revolution. It was a painful and difficult experience, as you can imagine. He was a master tailor and eventually, in the early 1920’s, he opened a tailor shop on Saint Paul’s Old Seventh Street. After World War II, my grandfather and my father, Ralph, opened a ready-to-wear and tailoring shop, Heimie’s Menswear. My father worked there most of his life, until he retired in 1993.”

Following in well-heeled footsteps, Anthony also took an interest in the family business. “I was opening boxes and pressing clothes in the basement when I was 13 years old, and eventually began a long apprenticeship with my grandfather.” says Andler. Unfortunately, Heimie’s Menswear was sold in 1995, shortly after Ralph Andler passed away. The name was changed and the store closed its doors only a year later. After a stint acting and directing in Los Angeles, Anthony found a passion for designing and crafting leather goods. In 2001, he opened the Artist Mercantile, agallery showcasing local handcrafted items. Having rekindled a love for menswear and accessories, Anthony reopened the family business on St. Peter Street in 2004 under its current name.

 With a nod to its heritage, today Heimie’s Haberdashery specializes in bespoke and ready-to-wear suits and menswear, luxury leather goods, accessories, footwear and hats. With the addition of barbers, a tobacconist and shoe shine services, the ambience and inventory at Heimie’s reflect the consummate gentleman behind the counter. Impeccably styled with effusive charm, Anthony breaks from history long enough to regale us with far-flung future plans. “Someday I’d like to film a documentary. I’d like to ride my horse from here to Alaska.” A plan that has potential to add yet another fascinating chapter to the rich tapestry that is Heimie’s story.



Meet The (Fashion) Maker.
November 15, 2019

To walk into fashion designer Samantha Rei’s Northeast Minneapolis studio is to be immersed in a world of gothic whimsy. The space reflects Samantha’s love of all things spooky, as well as a personal esthetic she describes as “witchy Miss Frizzle.” Skulls, eerie dolls and assorted vintage thrift store finds mingle harmoniously with racks upon racks of intricately detailed garments that evoke a Stevie Knicks fever dream.

The sources of Samantha’s artistic inspiration are visually apparent, and are enthusiastically underscored when she launches into an impromptu lecture on the sub-genres of Steampunk. Her expertise in this area is beyond reproach, having illustrated and written a book on the subject. Copies of the volume, Steampunk and Cosplay Fashion Design and Illustration, are displayed front and center, along with her own line of enamel pins and costume jewelry.

 “I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was four, and my own boss since I was seven.” Rei started her first fashion label, “Blasphemina’s Closet” in 2001 – all the while working 3 jobs to make ends meet. In 2008, a layoff put Rei at a crossroads and she decided firmly in favor of the road less traveled. Diving fully into her passion and pursuing fashion full time has yielded an amazing response, not only in the Minneapolis fashion scene but nationally as well. Samantha even competed on season 16 of Lifetime’s Project Runway. Her television debut propelled her eponymous line “Samantha Rei” to even greater notoriety. Today, Samantha spends her days in the studio (often assisted by her dog Domino) creating looks that transform women into the “beautiful warriors” they are by “helping them feel strong, confident and comfortable in their own skin.”

Meet Cynthia - Be Prepared For FUN!
November 08, 2019

“I love that working at eyebobs I can unapologetically be myself. I have worked with very prestigious brands in the past that were all about exclusivity. I have always been about inclusivity. You don’t have to be someone you’re not to hang out with us.” Cynthia lives that creed every day as she and her eclectic team of Frame-ists knock the socks off of every person that walks through their door. “It’s my mission to make sure our passion for eyebobs and our customers is felt by anyone bold enough to enter our doors.” Based on the scores of repeat customers who come with hugs, high-fives and boxes of chocolates with Cynthia’s name on them, we’d say it’s ‘mission accomplished.”

“I love framing personalities!  It’s so much fun to put a frame on someone and see their face immediately light up!  I don’t want anyone to leave my store in a pair of glasses that they don’t LOVE.  I ask, “How does it feel?”  If they respond, “it’s ok,” then I know that it’s not their frame.  I always say “ok” is not good enough at has to be great!”

When she isn’t spreading the eyebobs love at Mall of America, you can find Cynthia……well, you probably can’t find her. Chances are she’s on the water! This relaxation pro has a family home on St. Thomas that she visits as often as possible, at least once a year. She’s also all about that bass. When she lived in Seattle, Cynthia won female angler of the year in her bass fishing league. In Minnesota this year, she nabbed a 3 pounder on her first cast – and yes, there are photos to prove it.  

The New Site
November 01, 2019

Today marks a new beginning for eyebobs with a revolutionary approach to eyewear. Our new website takes a “frame first” approach, personalizing the shopping experience in order to frame EVERY personality and empower our customers to be their true and authentic selves. We built this site because we believe our customers deserve a seamless, intuitive, supported and enjoyable shopping experience that enables a one on one connection with our Framists to build exactly what you need, every time.

How it Works

Find your frame – as a lifestyle brand, we believe the eyewear journey should start with finding the perfect frame.

  • Know what you want already? You can easily search either the style name or number.
  • Want to shop around? Select “Shop Frames” and go wild! You can apply any number of filters to narrow your search to specific sizes, colors, shapes and materials.
  • Need some help? Chat with a Framist to help you find the right pair(s) for you!

Select your color – Once you’ve found the perfect style, find the right hue for you by either clicking through the image options.


Build your pair – You’ve got the frame, you’ve chosen your color and now you’re ready to select your lens options. Our new proprietary product builder walks you through each step, from eyewear type to case selection, to build a pair that you want AND need.

Receive your frame – While many of our products will still be available for shipment in 2 days, custom products may take longer. When you have completed building your pair, you will receive a message on the screen to let you know when to expect your item to ship.

Let Us Know What You Think

We built this site for our customers, so we want to know what you think! Please reach out to our Customer Experience team with any feedback including questions, concerns or anything else you would like to share. Happy Framing!