All Day Readers. Always On.
February 04, 2020

We believe that the right pair of glasses can change lives, and we know that doesn't begin and end with traditional readers - you need your personality framed all day long in order to be your true and authentic self. All day readers are the perfect pairing of fashion and function, to get your power only when you need it while rocking your frames from dawn to dusk. Here’s the scoop on our new and improved ADRs.


What exactly is an ADR?

Glad you asked! eyebobs frames are a wardrobe staple- the cherry on top of your perfectly curated wardrobe - and we want you to be able to wear them from morning 'til night. With a progressive lens featuring your reader magnification in the lower part of the frame, half the magnification in the middle of the frame, and no magnification at the top, there’s no more on and off. This allows you to seamlessly go from your morning paper to your desktop to lunch with friends, all without having to switch your glasses.


'New and Improved'? How so?

Fact: progressive lenses can be harder to get used to than a lens that only corrects for one field of distance. To make the transition easier, we now offer a personalized version including the ability to customize the pupillary distance to your exact measurements, as well has introducing predictive seg heights (the size of each segment of the lens) to ensure the best fit. Quick note - because this product is now custom, please allow 7-10 business days for the order to ship. We promise - it's worth the wait!


Expanded selection too?!?

Yes! We now offer ALL of our frames as ADRs! Check out a few of our most loved frames that are now available in an All Day Reader.