Featured Framist - Salecia
January 27, 2020

If you haven't visited our Glenwood location for a personalized framing session with Salecia, you are missing out! While framing personalities is her main gig, Salecia is also a locally renowned artist, getting her hands into many different mediums - most notably as a spoken word performer. We sat down with her over a hot beverage to chat about how she approaches her role as a Framist at eyebobs.

Q: How long have you been with eyebobs and what do you like most about being a framist?

I started at the Mall of America location last March - so coming up on a year already! Before coming to eyebobs I had worked in more traditional corporate environments, and while I have had wonderful and valuable experiences in my previous positions, I love how eyebobs empowers our customers and employees to be their true and authentic selves. I've also really enjoyed assisting with the in store events we've hosted this year - it's a great way to connect more deeply with customers and the local community.

Q: How do you approach framing personalities? Isn't it challenging to get a sense of who someone when you have only spoken to them for a few minutes?

It all depends on the person. Sometimes it's really easy to get to know someone if they easily engage in conversation with you - I was a barista for 4 years and have always had a knack for connecting with people quickly. If I am struggling to get a customer to open up, I will just start with a frame that I feel will look great on them and then iterate from there. I am really into fashion and immediately jived with eyebobs' mission of framing personalities. I love that moment when you find the perfect frame for a customer and immediately see a giant smile on their face.

Q: What are some of your go to frames right now?

I really gravitate towards larger frames right now - I love helping customers who come in saying they need to find something to "fit their big head" because I can totally relate!

  • Genius - "the metal and acetate combination is gorgeous and really on trend"
  • Work Wife - "the colors in this frame are absolutely beautiful"
  • Miss Demeanor - "this frame is super versatile, fits many face shapes and sizes and comes in some great color options"

Q: Finally, what is something about you that others might be surprised to find out?

I'm really excited to get old! I'm the youngest of 4 kids and have always felt that there are certain expectations - or lack thereof - for young people. I can't wait to get to the point in my life when I am more "refined" and age isn't really a question anymore. I think my mom has had a big influence on this for me - I really admire her, she doesn't let her age define her at all. She never settles and is never afraid to try something new - if she wants to do something she figures out a way. I mean, she did a handstand on her last birthday...I can't do that now! She definitely gets better with age and sets the bar high for me!