The New Site
November 01, 2019

Today marks a new beginning for eyebobs with a revolutionary approach to eyewear. Our new website takes a “frame first” approach, personalizing the shopping experience in order to frame EVERY personality and empower our customers to be their true and authentic selves. We built this site because we believe our customers deserve a seamless, intuitive, supported and enjoyable shopping experience that enables a one on one connection with our Framists to build exactly what you need, every time.

How it Works

Find your frame – as a lifestyle brand, we believe the eyewear journey should start with finding the perfect frame.

  • Know what you want already? You can easily search either the style name or number.
  • Want to shop around? Select “Shop Frames” and go wild! You can apply any number of filters to narrow your search to specific sizes, colors, shapes and materials.
  • Need some help? Chat with a Framist to help you find the right pair(s) for you!

Select your color – Once you’ve found the perfect style, find the right hue for you by either clicking through the image options.


Build your pair – You’ve got the frame, you’ve chosen your color and now you’re ready to select your lens options. Our new proprietary product builder walks you through each step, from eyewear type to case selection, to build a pair that you want AND need.

Receive your frame – While many of our products will still be available for shipment in 2 days, custom products may take longer. When you have completed building your pair, you will receive a message on the screen to let you know when to expect your item to ship.

Let Us Know What You Think

We built this site for our customers, so we want to know what you think! Please reach out to our Customer Experience team with any feedback including questions, concerns or anything else you would like to share. Happy Framing!