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Sensational Sales Support

Behind every good sales person, you’ll find Jayme!  She’s hard at work behind the scenes making sure our army of reps have the tools to move those eyebobs. Seriously, this girl can coordinate a sample recall faster than most people can say “sample recall”! Making sure our sales staff has all the latest and greatest bobs at their finger-tips is no small task, but she handles it like a pro with the help of her signature frame, Passion Nut.

She’s a Natural

When she’s not here at eyebobs HQ, you can find Jayme enjoying nature; hiking, camping and cavorting with the bunnies and squirrels. Our resident vegetarian and grilled cheese aficionado is also the proud owner of a shiny new bicycle, complete with fancy milk crate. Don’t bother asking if you can ride on the handlebars though, she already shot us down.