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WEB warrior



Al Gore may have invented the internet, but you have Kirsten to thank for keeping it running. Trust us when we say this is only a slight exaggeration. Tasked with keeping eyebobs websites running smoothly behind the scenes, Kirsten uses her super-human attention to detail to hunt down bugs and promptly squash them. She also makes sure all the pages look fresh and fabulous, and the latest and greatest bobs are ripe for the clicking.


On the Ball

Volleyball, softball, obstacle courses…just hearing about her weekends counts as cardio! When Kirsten isn’t playing ALL the sports, she’s watching them. Come spring you’ll find her in stands at Target Field, sipping a craft beer and rocking her Butch polarized sunglasses while rooting for the Minnesota Twins. And here’s another fun Kirsten fact: her house is home to a bevy of four-legged fur babies, with a dog, two cats and (if she had her way, and Minneapolis city ordinance allowed) a small army of miniature goats. They’re just one llama away from legally qualifying as a petting zoo! You know, in case you were looking for Christmas gift ideas…  


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