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Warehouse whiz

Kurtis in roy d


What’s that sound in the warehouse? It’s Kurtis – humming the Minnesota Rouser (his favorite fight song) while picking, packing, and shipping his heart out. And he wears his Roy D eyebobs to help with the fine print. Now if we would just design his favorite frame in maroon and gold with a gopher on the side… If you look in the dictionary under calm, cool and collected, you’ll see a picture of Kurtis smiling back at you.

Rocking Out

When Kurtis isn’t at eyebobs, he is studying geology at the University of Minnesota. And that’s not all. He also designs gorgeous leather portfolios, wallets, and whatever else he can dream up! Can you believe that he left the sunny state of Arizona for our icy cold winters and hot humid summers – what was he thinking?


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