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Bob's right hand

Melanie can be credited with single-handedly turning our rag-tag team of misfits into a finely tuned marketing machine – and that’s just one of her many merit badges! This brand obsessed tech maven works tirelessly to make sure the fashion-forward and farsighted always know how and where to get their eyebobs. In addition to serving as a thought partner to all her eyebobs cohorts, Melanie has also been referred to as “Julie’s secret weapon” – a title that would look pretty spiffy printed on a business card, don’t you think? A job as big as Melanie’s requires some seriously stylish glasses to pull off, which is why you’ll find her rocking her trusty Stew Zoo frames while working her mojo.  


In her downtime, this multi-tasking mama enjoys writing, researching the latest in technology and entrepreneurship and playing games with her two awesome kiddos. She also loves playing in the dirt, growing veggies her backyard garden. The rest of us enjoy helping her eat them. Mmmmmm….veggies.


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