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SMOOTH operator


Did she just pack 10 lbs. in a 5 lb. box?  You bet she did!  That’s Muffy, our packing and shipping expert and label-maker extraordinaire.  Here at eyebobs, Muffy is famous for her extensive collection of tie-dye shirts.  She’s got at least one in every color – seriously!  She’s even been known to coordinate her tie-dye with her favorite Topless frames.  If Muffy were to design her own eyebobs, she’d call them ‘The Garcia’ - they would be round and (you guessed it) tie-dye. 

In the Kitchen with Muffy...

In her spare time, you’d likely find Muffy hanging out with friends and family or cooking.  If she could be any type of sandwich, she would be a buffalo chicken.  Why?  Because this chick is spicy!