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Currently your source for all things, Paul has been known to be something of a Jack (er, we mean Bob) of all trades.  As the company has grown, Paul has worn many hats over the years.  Some he has been happier to hand off than others!  Paul’s eyebobs superpower is his uncanny ability to anticipate problems before they rear their ugly heads.  Paul’s the guy we count on to spot all those road blocks before we even have to slam on the brakes!

Ice, Ice, Baby

If he isn’t at eyebobs, and the sun is shining, you can bet your life that Paul is on the golf course.  And how does the avid golfer stay busy during the long, cold Minnesota winters?  Practicing the Scottish sport of curling, of course!  (Don’t worry, he had to explain what the heck curling is to us too…)  His trusty On Board frame is the perfect fit for the green as well as the ice!