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WEB EXPERT, graphics whisperer



Our resident design maven, Rachael, is making the world beautiful one postcard at a time.  She’s a master of Photoshop and known for her super-human ability to design a blog image in under 8 minutes!  When she isn’t designing her heart out, Rachael is hard at work maintaining our wholesale website – finding bugs and promptly squashing them.  She makes sure all our wholesale accounts and sales reps know to make the site work for them.  Her favorite part of working at eyebobs?  Creating marketing materials that showcase the company’s creativity and quirky personality.  

"Eye" for Fashion

Rachael’s eye for design is evident in her personal style as well.  Never one to let that pesky perfect vision spoil an opportunity to accessorize, Rachael wears the Oh Shoot frame in crystal blue with clear lenses.  If she were to invent a frame it would be a mod style with a classic twist, in her favorite color, Tiffany blue.