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Eyebobs goes to Paris!

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posted on Tue, Feb 8 2011 3:58 pm by eyebobs

We just got back from across the pond. Ah, Paris in January! Let’s just say, it was warmer than Minnesota in Spring. We ran ourselves ragged at the Premiere Classe tradeshow. Peckerhead 2275, Butch 2249, and Huge Hefner 118 were flying off the shelves. Trendsetters agree, boxy retro looks are hot, hot, hot! Europeans love big glasses!


What else? We saw flat boots, GIANT SUNGLASSES, and hand knit textures. It seems 2011 is the year of the scarf. Scarves for colorful layering and circle scarves hanging to the waist. Why wear one scarf when you can wear two….or three or four!


All in all, it was a busy busy show. Our booth was well traveled and we saw some beautiful products. Darn fun, but we have hung up our berets and are happy to be home!

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