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posted on Tue, Apr 19 2011 2:09 pm by eyebobs

Did you see “When Aging Eyes Can’t Read the Fine Print” on the New York Times Well blog?

"Personally, I think the solution is for companies to use larger print on packages and labels for those of us with aging eyes. But until that happens, there’s useful advice in today’s Patient Money column, which focuses on options for people with presbyopia, which is the gradual worsening of the eye’s ability to focus on objects up close.

'There’s no escaping it. Diet and exercise, the baby boomers’ weapons of choice for warding off age-related health problems, have no effect. Presbyopia generally starts in the mid-40s, when people begin to notice that they have difficulty punching out a number on their mobile phone or reading a book. Over the next 20 years or so, the eyes continue to lose their ability to zoom in on things; by about age 65, it’s often impossible.'

To learn your options, from drugstore reading glasses to surgery or high-tech contact lenses, read the full report, “What to Do When You Can’t Read the Fine Print, Even at Arm’s Length.”

We thought it a bit short-sighted (pun definitely intended). Cheap drugstore readers, surgery or high tech contact lenses? Thanks but no thanks!

Eyebobs are your more stylish option. Quality and style will ease your aging eyes and help work on that NYT Sunday crossword. A seven letter word for hip eyewear? E-Y-E-B-O-B-S!

Not used to wearing glasses? How about light and flexible TR-90 frames. Trying to read in the blazing sun? Sunreaders have a tinted bifocal.

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