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Meet the Dealers! Culwell & Son in Dallas, TX

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posted on Tue, Aug 16 2011 2:46 pm by eyebobs

It’s our newest blog feature: eyebobs dealer profiles! eyebobs are sold in stores around the world, so it will take us awhile to get to everyone. But look for your favorite store and if we haven’t profiled it yet, let us know! We’re excited to introduce you to the great retailers we work with every day.


For our first profile, we talked to Mike Culwell, owner of Culwell & Son. Here’s what Mike had to say.


So introduce us to Culwell & Son. When did your store get started?

Culwell & Son was founded in 1920 by my grandfather. With our fourth generation joining the company two years ago, we’re one of the oldest family-owned men’s clothing stores in Texas and maybe the nation! We started as a small press shop (formerly called The Varsity Shop) with a few employees. Over the years we’ve expanded and now offer clothing for men and boys, along with a tux shop, shoe shop, a barber shop and a full in-house tailor shop. We like to think we’re Dallas’ one-stop shop for men.


Tell us about your first job/experiences in the retail field?

I started full time with Culwell & Son in 1980. I didn’t need eyebobs then – I was 20/20. I thought readers were for old people. Now my 1.75s are parked on my head, if not riding on my nose.

What is your favorite retail season and why?
Christmas of course! The store is busy, the time flies (as does the merchandise!) and the customers are in a good mood.

What are some retail trends you have been noticing in your store?
We are in men’s apparel and color has been the story this spring. You will see more color this fall as well.

Who is your customer?  Why do they shop with you?
Our customer is a male north Texas professional who likes to look good but would not call himself a clothes horse. We’re still a mostly traditional store, but we’ve expanded our sportswear collection to include some ‘wilder’ brands over the years to reflect our customer’s style and choice of clothing.

What is the best thing about your store that potential customers may not know?

Most guys hate to shop — we make it easy and fun for them.


If you are in the Dallas area, stop in and say hi to everyone at Culwell & Son for us. They are located at 6319 Hillcrest in Dallas, Texas and are open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm. Find out more at or by calling 214.522.7000. Tell them eyebobs sent you!


Culwell & Son
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