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Meet the Dealers! Eye Spy in Chicago, IL

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posted on Tue, Aug 23 2011 9:31 am by eyebobs

Continuing our series of eyebobs dealer features, we’d like you to meet Eye Spy Optical in Chicago, Il.  We got to chat with Alissa “Queen of Specs” Fields about Eye Spy’s unique offerings and quirky personality.  Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about all about Eye Spy!  When was it opened?  By whom?  How many employees?  Give us a little bio - any info you would like folks to know!

Since 1998, Eye Spy Optical Optical has been a destination for simply spectacular eyewear and honest opinions in a living-room atmosphere! We have been voted "Best Eyewear Shop" three times by local publications. Eye Spy was opened by Alissa Fields, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Specs," as a result of many fruitless searches for fun and funky red and purple eyeglasses. We have four opticians that guide our customers in selecting spectacular eyewear and two optometrists to check customer's peepers.


What is your favorite retail season and why?

I love November because we have trunk shows every weekend to present all the new collections to our customers. It is so fun to see everyone's reactions to the new shapes and colors, and the incredible selection.


What are some optical trends you have been noticing?

As they say, bigger is better! Finally, we are seeing bigger shapes, and new technologies in lenses that make prescriptions work well in these larger frames. Good or bad, the shapes and colors from the 80's are also back in style....which makes me feel old!


Who is your customer? Why do they shop with you?

Our customers want something different. They range in age from 2-82 and like to have fun when picking out their new eyeglasses at Eye Spy! They shop with us because they know we carry frames that no one else in Chicago has...and they trust our advice and guidance.


What is the best thing about your store that potential customers may not know?

We carry a number of eyewear lines that no other stores in Chicago have (come in and see!). And we have a flat-screen television in the doctor's waiting room with a DVD player that is loaded with movies for the kids to watch, while the parents pick out their new specs.


What is your favorite movie featuring eyeglasses?

The Jerk with Steve Martin is my favorite movie that features eyeglasses....with a handle and nose break! 


Which song would be the soundtrack for a typical day at Eye Spy?

The theme song from Cheers seems to typify a day at Eye Spy. You never know what's going to happen and sometimes it feels like we are bartenders, catching up with longtime customers, sharing stories and advice.


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