Adam P


Gather round, children and we shall tell you a tale of a chart so spectacular that all the executives in the land cried tears of joy whence their eyes first fell upon its splendor… So goes the legend of Adam, eyebobs guru of reporting. If you have a presentation, he’s the guy you want on your side. He’ll mine the data and whip up a shiny graph that is 100% guaranteed to make you look like a super-genius. Just remember thank him later, preferably in the form of high-fives or baked goods.

Player one

He may be known as the quiet guy around eyebobs HQ, but don’t let that fool you. He’s got game! Whether it’s board, computer or video – Adam has probably mastered it. He even boasts a large personal collection of board games and tries to play something new each week. We’re currently working on securing our invite to game night – we’ll let you know how that goes. Maybe if we offer to bring guacamole? When Adam isn’t gaming like a boss, he’s likely relaxing and watching movies with his wife, Madina, and their two kitties: Roti and Korma. Roti fancies himself the Gene Siskel of the group, whereas Korma is more of a Roger Ebert type. Just let them know if you’re looking for a recommendation that got two paws up.

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