Don’t let the pink folders fool you, people, the girl is a beast. But isn’t kicking butt and taking names so much more fun in cute shoes? Exactly. And our resident business-to-business marketing pro, Becki, is all about all of the above. In short, she gets crap done. Proud proprietor of what is arguably the most well adorned desk in the office (seriously, we’ve been here forever and we still haven’t decorated), this wholesale communications expert makes things beautiful whenever possible. She’s making the world prettier, one sales slick at a time! And, for the record, she’s a natural at it. Her quirky personality (think of a mash-up of Zooey Deschanel with a splash of the Bossy Pants herself, Ms. Tina Fey) is a perfect fit for our even quirkier brand. It’s a regular quirk-apalooza over here. And Becki is the festival queen.

The Land of 10,000 Likes

Welcome to the Buffet o’ Becki; celebrated across the Land of Bobs for its diverse offerings.  When she’s not slinging words and graphics to support our wholesale sales team, Becki is urban adventuring throughout Minneapolis’ many parks, museums, and local eateries.  She also enjoys cooking, crotcheting, and Netflixing, as well as supporting our assertion that “Netflix” absolutely can be used as a verb. Becki loves a good read as well, favoring books about graphic/interior/fashion design or science. When asked what she’d call her autobiography, Becki confided (with zero reservation) that the working title is ‘Oh my God, Becki, look at her butt:  essays about life, love, and snacks.’  We will be handing out free readers at all of Becki’s future book signings.  Stay tuned for dates!

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