Meet David - eyebobs’ irrefutable and fêted king of the nerdy tee.  Zombies, Atari, Captain America…if it’s on the Comic-con calendar this year you will find it screen-printed across his chest. KA-POW! This “hoot and a half” keeps his teammate’s hands ever deep in the chuckle bucket while he scans, ships, wraps, and ensures that your bobs look hotter than two goats in a pepper patch.  Heck, you meet this loveable shippin’ fella and we guarantee that you’ll have so much fun you may just ship YOURSELF!  Word play.

Talk Nerdy to Me

As a self-proclaimed fanatic of the ethereal and nerdulent, it is no surprise that David enjoys quiet nights wading in the depths of his creativity – reading comic books, playing video games, and drawing.  Rumor has it David once attempted all three mediums at once.  We would rather not delve into too much detail here, but believe us when we say that it took the better part of two months for his eyes to uncross.   Whether he’s packing frames or tickling ribs, this delightful bobber is one geek that is undeniably on fleek! 

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