Retail Maven


Come down and see her sometime.

There’s shopping and then there’s SHOPPING. Trust us on this one, people. Our resident Optician and retail expert Emily is well versed in the difference. With truckloads of optical and retail experience, Emily helps us craft the processes that make the eyebobs store the irreverent and slightly jaded shopping experience of your dreams. So come on down to eyebobs HQ and let Emily put those peepers in the perfect pair of frames. Your eyes will thank you!


Style for miles

The undisputed style queen of eyebobs HQ, Emily’s passion for fashion extends far beyond the optical realm. She’s a stylist and tastemaker known for putting her own unique spin on pieces foraged while scouring vintage and thrift shops. Who knew that among the shelves of clown figurines and broken clock radios there lies an entire world of fashion treasures! You can check out her one-of-a-kind finds on her Instagram blog, @rarebirdmpls. Her distinctive, globally-inspired perspective on fashion also hints at her time living abroad in places like Ukraine, Tanzania and Vanuatu, where she once walked five miles (uphill both ways, probably) just to go to a thrift store. That’s some serious dedication to personal style, people!

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