Go ahead, bring it on… You say you lost your eyebobs and you have a career-making presentation in the morning? No problem. Can’t seem to recall the exact name of the frames you purchased back in the summer of 2007? She’s got this. Dropped your favorite pair in the toilet and when you tried to fish them your arm got stuck and you’ve been trapped in your bathroom for the last three weeks, surviving solely on sink water and anti-bacterial hand soap? Yikes. But don’t worry, Grace will handle it! It’s that can-do attitude and calm, cool demeanor that her customers and coworkers love so well. Oh, and her killer fashion sense doesn’t hurt either. Between her background in the optical industry and her knack for providing stellar service, there isn’t an issue around she can’t solve.

Meet her at the barre

When she isn’t solving the world’s eyewear woes, Grace can be found doing all things exercise-y. She’s a big fan of barre and pilates. And though she claims she is “not a natural runner”, she also has several half-marathons under her belt. Don’t worry, Grace. If you ask us, there’s nothing natural about running 13 miles anyway! She also enjoys cruising around the city on her bike, trying new restaurants, travelling, practicing calligraphy and making cards. Perhaps she could develop a line of “sorry your legs spontaneously combusted” cards in case any other eyebobs staffers are inspired to attempt her fitness regimen. Those may come in handy!

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