OPERATIONS rock star



Reliable? Yup. Accurate? Oh yeah. Snappy dresser? You betcha! That would be Ian, eyebobs’ operations wunderkind. Ian is the ultimate team player, always willing to do what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly and those boxes flying out the door. His picking, packing and shipping skills made him famous. His wardrobe made him a legend. He boasts an impressive collection of pants in nearly every color imaginable. Seriously, name a color – he’s rocked it. We’ve all had to raise our fashion game just to keep up!


Gimme noise

When he isn’t goofing off with his fiancé, Molly, and their sweet pets, Tank the pit bull and Ivy the cat, Ian spends his non-eyebobs time involved in all things musical. He pretty much eats, breathes, lives and sleeps music. Okay, so he probably breathes some air too (because YAY OXYGEN!), but mostly music. When he isn’t playing music, he’s researching new mixing and production techniques or reading everything he can about music history. Not surprisingly, Ian says if he were to design his very own eyebobs they would be a white, oval sunglass called “Fuzz Pedal.” We’d totally crank that to 11! 

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