GO getter

Jayme - Not Tonight


Whether she's coordinating our external sales force, working with prospects, or tending to our wholesale customers, Jayme has some serious sales mojo. She specializes in making sure our entire sales team has the tools they need to move those bobs. And she's got no problem taking it on the road, carting the collection to trade shows all over the country. Bringing the latest and greatest bobs to the people is no small task, but she handles it like a pro with the help of her signature frame, Not Tonight.

She’s a Natural

In her free time you'll often find Jayme enjoying nature; hiking, camping and cavorting with the bunnies and squirrels. She’s also a connoisseur of live music, and she’s not above traveling to far-flung destinations to check out the best shows.  Provided said destinations feature warm climates and a surplus of drinks with tiny umbrellas. She’s nothing if not dedicated, people! Our resident vegetarian/grilled cheese aficionado is also the proud owner of a shiny new bicycle, complete with fancy milk crate. Don’t bother asking if you can ride on the handlebars though, she already shot us down.

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