Who has the irreverent vocabulary to describe an eyebobs frame in a single double-entendre?  That would be Jeni, our resident word slinging marketing pro. Serving as the “voice of eyebobs” requires some serious comedic chops, but armed with her trusty Fizz Ed frames she manages to keep the jokes coming. (Remember to tip your servers, people – she’ll be here all week!) In addition to cracking wise for eyebobs’ website and crafting unconventional marketing communications, Jeni uses her wicked wit to help cultivate a community of bob-fanatics through social media. If you ask her what she loves most about writing for eyebobs (besides creating item descriptions for frames with names like Peckerhead and Butch), Jeni will tell you with a wink,  “I get to use my sass for good, rather than evil…..for a change.”

Triple Word Score

When she isn’t wielding words around eyebobs headquarters, you can find Jeni using her skills to bully her friends at Scrabble. She quickly gets back in their good graces though, as this amateur chef (and obsessive watcher of Food Network) loves cooking meals and baking treats for her nearest and dearest. This hobby is enthusiastically encouraged by her husband and two young sons who, as luck would have it, happen to be amateur taste-testers. Funny how these things work out...


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