In addition to overseeing our Operations department, Jennifer is eyebobs’ resident International Shipping Pro. Like a one woman United Nations, she makes sure the whole world has access to eyebobs. Fun fact: Jennifer can say “delivery confirmation” in 47 languages….okay, maybe not. But she does know how to ship a pair of eyebobs almost anywhere! 


International shipping is great and all, but Jennifer’s true claim to fame at eyebobs is her tendency to dress in enough layers to stay warm while exploring the Arctic! Good thing her Purrfect frames perfectly compliment her frigid fashion. When asked what would be impossible to do without readers, Jennifer responds “Be 80 years old and see my bridge hand.” Sounds like she’s got some big post-eyebobs plans! Hopefully those plans also include penning her autobiography, “I’ll Need a Glass of Wine…” We’d toast to that! 

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