Customer Service Czar


In a word…

Managing the best customer experience team in all the land is one awesome responsibility. Luckily John is up to the challenge. If he were a superhero, his name would be Captain Awesome. The working title of his autobiography is Check Out this Guy. A Memoir of Awesomeness. When asked to describe John in five words, the most common reply is “Man, that guy is awesome.” Yup, he’s the hard working, problem solving, can-do supplier of awesome sauce for customers and his team alike. To sum things us, he’s pretty much….oh what’s the word we’re looking for…..great!


Vest for success

Ah, October! The month of crisp fall air, falling leaves and …vests? Having dubbed it ‘In-vest Month,’ John uses the month of October as an opportunity to showcase an extensive wardrobe of eveyone’s favorite sleeveless garment. Puffy vests, sort-of puffy vests, not-so puffy vests...the options positively boggle the mind! Don’t believe it? Head over to Instagram and check out @sir_vestalot and behold with thine own eyes! Move over, pumpkin spice latte, there’s a new fall trend in town and it’s about time we all got in-vested.

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