Julie - Roy D

She did it her way

Meet the irreverent and slightly jaded mind behind the bobs, our fearless founder, Julie.  Since starting eyebobs in 2001, Julie has parlayed her unique style, business savy and brassy ‘tude into the company you know today.  She’s come a long way since her first job, detasseling corn in Iowa! It should come as absolutely no surprise that Julie rocks quite the impressive wardrobe of readers - but which bobs would she claim as her signature look?  Currently, it's the big, bold Roy D – an irreverent and slightly jaded style if we ever saw one!


Even Moguls Take Vacation

Question: What’s the one thing more impressive than Julie’s knack for creating amazing eyewear? That would be her absolutely mind boggling number of frequent flier miles. Her all-consuming love for travel began early on, when she spent her junior year of high school studying in South Africa.  She hasn’t stopped roaming the globe since. But wherever she wanders, you’ll always find Julie dragging an overstuffed suitcase full of inspiration behind her.  Seriously, if you see her at baggage claim, don’t just stand there…..give her a hand! 

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