THE BOB changer

Kelly - Over Served

Done and Done!

Sometimes, very occasionally, once in a blue moon, an eyebobs order is received and it’s not a perfect match. I know, crazy right?! When it isn’t love at first sight, our Returns and Exchanges Specialist Kelly has your back. She can match you with a new pair of frames, process your exchange or, if you’re really, REALLY sure about this, process a return. (Sniff….we’ll be okay…we just need a moment…) Aside from inducing whiplash with her lightning fast processing skills, what do you think is Kelly’s favorite part of working at eyebobs? That would be restocking frames! Must be a duty she learned to love at her very first job, working at her parents’ drugstore.

Speed’s the name

You’d think Kelly would get her fill of running here at eyebobs, but even in her spare time the girl likes to get her jog on! It must knock a few seconds off your mile time when you aren’t lugging a bin full of frames. She also loves spending time with family and practicing yoga. Yup, that’s right, she never stops moving! And as she zooms by, you may have noticed her sporting her signature frame, Over Served. Catch her if you can!

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