Inventory Planning Powerhouse


She’s got the goods

Of all the things we should be well-stocked on here at eyebobs HQ, glasses are pretty much at the top of the list. Followed closely by fresh coffee and snacks in the breakroom. Well, leave it to our crowned princess of inventory, Kim, to make it happen. She’s got spreadsheets the likes of which you’ve never seen to keep her kooky coworkers apprised on when the goods will get got. Because when the people have the bobs, everyone is happy.


Isn’t it wander-full?

When she isn’t managing the comings and goings of all the funky frames at eyebobs HQ, Kim is all about that lake life. She loves fishing, boating and just hanging out, taking in all the natural beauty Minnesota has on offer. Although she’s certainly not opposed to searching for beauty beyond state lines. This adventure-seeking, travel buff loves appreciating art and architecture wherever it can be found. She’s especially fond of Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Annie Liebovitz. Pair all that with her enduring love of a good grilled cheese, and we’d wander with Kim anytime!

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