Administrative Superhero


Super organized

Some choose their fate in life, for some, that fate is thrust upon them. Such is the origin story of Laura, who, after falling into a vat of radio-active copier toner gained administrative super powers. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it went down – but we have a hard time believing anyone becomes that organized by natural means. But somehow Laura manages to pull it off; working tirelessly behind the scenes (with the help of her trusty Case Closed frames) to keep our leadership team on track and our office running without a hitch. Maybe she’s born with it, but our money is still on radio-active toner.


Some like it hot

If one were to select a work of prose to sum up Laura’s approach to leisure, they would be hard pressed to find a more accurate depiction than the poetic words of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince in their poignant classic “Summertime.” Because this sun-seeking master of relaxation is ALL about summer. And she makes the most of Minnesota’s shortest season by running, biking, and embarking on epic quests to find the best ice cream in the Twin Cities. All that is balanced with a fair amount of hanging out outside doing absolutely nothing because, as we well know, “Summer, summer, summertime,” is unequivocally “time to sit back and unwind.”

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