Professional problem solver

Long-time fan, first time caller? If you’re lucky, you might just get Maggie on the line. And trust us when we say this friendly customer experience pro can handle whatever you throw her way. She’s got answers to every question from “how do I send my frames in for repair?” to “how may tennis balls fit inside a 1979 Chrysler LeBaron?” So go ahead – make the call. You’ll be glad you did!


That mom life

Maggie’s motto? “Nothing to it but to do it.” And when she’s armed with her trusty Nice Pear eyebobs, there’s no to-do list this multi-tasking, meticulous mama can’t slay. When asked if she could name a pair of eyebobs, what they would be called, she replied, “Mom Glasses.” Pretty sure that style would be designed specifically to fit the eyes in the back of one’s head. As the mother of a young son, she’d also prefer if they dispensed fruit snacks, tied shoes and picked up Legos of the floor. Goldfish crackers sold separately.

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