MARGIE the number SLAYER

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Add it up

Warning: she’s got a calculator and she’s not afraid to use it! That’s right! Even those weird buttons that no one really knows what they do. Keeping her kooky co-workers balanced is no easy job, but our Senior Accountant, Margie, has it well in hand. And when she’s rocking her signature On Board eyebobs….look out, spreadsheets. Margie is coming for you!

Catch her if you can

When Margie isn’t running the numbers at eyebobs, well, she’s still running. Margie is a serious fitness fanatic who loves jogging, biking, swimming, aerobic Frisbee, and all other things gym related. She also enjoys getting a little retail workout in as well. After all, chasing stylish bargains makes for excellent cardio. On the rare occasion Margie actually does sit down, it is usually in front of a good book, a puzzle, a little bit of HGTV or at one of the Twin Cities many live music venues, breweries or distilleries. Because remember, kids: it’s important to hydrate! 

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