NUMBER cruncher



Do you have a bookkeeping question? You bet your assets Maria has a report for that, and she’ll whip it up faster than you can say 'inventory adjustment!' Your go-to gal for all things accounting, she keeps an eye on those numbers with the help of her trusty Dot Com frames. As the office early bird, Maria is tasked with another very important job: brewing the day's first pot of coffee. Good thing she's got the recipe down - company morale hangs in the balance! Hey, we can't all be morning people.

My Bologna Has A First Name

When she isn’t crunching numbers here at eyebobs, you can find Maria surfing the web or reading anything she can get her hands on.  If Maria were a sandwich, she claims she would be a pickle and bologna “because I’m sweet and sour.” We forgot to ask her if that was with crust or without.

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