Customer Care (and then some)

Matthew in Art Attack color 52


Follow the trail of broken rubber bands and at the end you’ll find Matthew. Hey, things move fast here at eyebobs and sometimes that means office supplies go flying! In addition to his ‘take no prisioners’ approach to mail-sorting, Matthew is known throughout eyebobs HQ for his Pulitzer-prize worthy inter-office emails. The ‘Taco Potluck 2015’ missive was particularly noteworthy: eloquent and beautiful in its subtle simplicity. He’s also known for providing top-notch customer service to all our bob-fans. He’s always got an empathetic ear and a thoughtful solution for what ails you.  Give him a call – you’ll be a happy camper by the time you hang up. We guarantee it!


He’s a poet and he knows it

It’s no surprise, given his email prowess here at eyebobs, that Matthew enjoys wielding words in his free time as well. He loves writing slam poetry, and performing new works for his favorite audience of two: his lovely wife and darling daughter. Perhaps his signature Art Attack frames help to fuel the creative fire. They’re a writer-ly style if ever there was one – we’re pretty sure Ginsberg would have rocked them, if he’d had the chance. When he isn’t waxing poetic, Matthew enjoys decompressing on a leisurely bike ride or with a good old fashioned Netflix binge. When asked what he was doing his junior year of high school, Matthew responded with what is possibly the best answer ever:  “Promoting love and community. Oh, and trying to make vinyl pants work.” Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

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