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Top Bob

He’s the Skipper to our Gilligan, The Charlie to our Angels. He’s the man with the plan, our fearless (never cheerless) CEO, Michael. Passionate? Yup. Enthusiastic? Check. Irreverent and slightly jaded? Oh yeah. Michael is all that and a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug full of the breakroom’s finest. But be warned – he has a whiteboard and he’s not afraid to use it! Michael brings to eyebobs a boatload of experience growing business and bringing ideas to their full potential, as well as a scrappy, competitive spirit that revs our collective engine. His excitement is contagious. Seriously, just chat with the guy for five minutes. If it doesn’t get you fired up, we may need to check your pulse!


Mike-y say relax

In his rare moments of downtime, you might find Michael kicking it old school with one of those…. what do you call them? They’re like smartphones…but they’re made from trees? Oh, yeah - newspapers!  In addition to consuming retro media while rocking his signature Jail Bait eyebobs, Michael also enjoys cooking, biking, golf, travel and spending time with the fam. Oh, and he’s a bit of a conversational wizard. Be on the lookout for his classic zinger, “what’s your most embarrassing moment?” Don’t worry though, he’ll always respond in kind - so it might be worth ponying up to get the dirt. Go ahead, dig deep into your catalog of toilet-paper-stuck-to-your-shoe-in- middle-school-algebra moments and bring him the good stuff!

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