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E-com phenom

Have you ever opened an eyebobs catalog and suddenly the clouds parted, a glorious rainbow appeared and confetti and streamers began falling gently from the sky. Yup. That’s exactly the experience Mike, our VP of Consumer Direct, was going for. Give or take a unicorn or two. Mike brings his wealth of experience in e-commerce and catalog and an easy-going, collaborative vibe to the eyebobs party. And though he was unaware when he started here, Mike’s other primary job function is serving as our principal “super-sized frame fit model.” His signature style, I’m Right, is the biggest in the line. Hey, it’s a pretty serious responsibility – but when you’re cranially gifted, these things just come with the territory.

He’s so fly

Believe it or not, Mike didn’t always dream of the life of an e-commerce guru. No, there was a time when his ambitions were higher. Much higher. Like 39,000 feet higher. A little-known Mike fact is that he originally went to school to become a commercial pilot. Perhaps this explains his tendency to pass out packets of peanuts and tiny sets of wings to his coworkers? Huh. Well, either way, we are happy as can be that he landed (see what we did there?) at eyebobs.

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