Artisan optician

Nadine - See Suite

The Matchmaker

What if we told you there was a frame that fits you like a glove, perfectly sums up all the unique facets of your personality while simultaneously making you 15% richer, 25% smarter and 6.25% taller? Okay, so maybe that last bit is a stretch, but Nadine has got you covered on the first two! This Certified Optician has mad skills matching people with their perfect frame, which she has honed over her 20+ years in the industry. So no need to settle for less than “WOW!!!!!!!” – stop by eyebobs HQ and let Nadine help you find your eyewear soulmate.

A tough act to follow

When Nadine’s eye isn’t in use helping people select the perfect pair of eyebobs, you will likely find it planted squarely behind a camera. She is a talented photographer, specializing in everyone’s favorite retro medium, the Polaroid. Her work has even appeared in five art exhibitions. She also loves to sing and act, and has starred in 17 local films. If you ask us, her finest performance was in the cinematic masterpiece entitled ‘eyebobs Magnetic Reader Sunglasses.’ If that moonwalk exit at 1:40 isn’t Oscar-worthy, we don’t know what is. Bravo!

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