Keeper of the Key Accounts


Stellar seller

She’s got the sales mojo, that’s fo’ sho! Our venerable archduchess of key accounts, Becca, works tirelessly to help our major retailers grow their eyebobs business. She’s a creative problem-slayer who, armed with her trusty Fizz Ed frames, always goes the extra mile. Perhaps her passion for customer care was formed at her very first job: working as a sundae artiste at a little known ice cream joint (the one with the red spoons, rhymes with “Sch-mairy Queen). Her banana splits were the stuff of legend. Mad sales skills AND knows her way around an ice cream machine? Oh yeah, this one’s a keeper!


One for the books

When Rebecca’s nose isn’t next to the grindstone, you’ll probably find it planted firmly in a book. The girl loves to get her read on! Harry Potter and Janet Evanovich’s ‘Stephanie Plum’ series are some of her go-to picks. But her all time fave is Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards, as it incorporates her love of all things equine. Riding horses is one of her favorite ways to spend a day. And here’s another Rebecca fun fact: her grandmother was a pool shark! Rumor has it she takes after her, so if you were thinking of challenging her to a game…you’ve been warned.

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