MASTER of sales


Super seller

From 5th Avenue to Michigan Avenue, Robertson Boulevard to King Street, why is it that you always seem to find eyebobs in ALL the coolest stores? It’s no coincidence – it’s the diligent work of our retail dream team, headed up by VP of Sales, Roddy! This calm, creative collaborator brings several boatloads of experience to our irreverent and slightly jaded crew. But don’t let his mild manner fool you! We’re not saying his Style Guy polarized sunglasses give him super powers or anything, but we have seen him leap buildings of a modest height (after a thorough stretch, of course). Bam! Zap! Pow!

The rest is history

So what does a low-key super hero/amateur Matt Lauer impersonator (seriously, he’s a dead-ringer!) do when he isn’t peddling eyebobs finest frames from coast to coast? Well, when he isn’t moving our sales strategy forward, you can find Roddy living in the past. No, not reliving his reign as the undisputed breakdance champion of the greater Chicago area from 1989 – 1996 (whatever you do, don’t ask him about it - he’ll deny it.) We’re talking about his love of historical fiction of all kinds. From Ancient Egypt to Tudor England, this literary time-traveler loves to get his read on. So if you need him, check the library, the bookstore or wherever monogrammed reading Snuggies are sold.

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