Some people just have IT

Computers. Am I right?! With the keyboards and the stuff and the things… Okay, so not everyone can be totally tech savvy. Luckily for us there’s Ryan, our level-headed, eternally patient IT support specialist, to save us from ourselves. He’s like a tech superhero, but instead of tights and a cape his uniform is his trusty Benchmark eyebobs. (Unless, of course, it’s casual Friday. Then all bets are off.) Ryan is always ready to swoop in and save the day, whether it’s a fatal system crash or that you just had to find out if that piece of bologna was, in fact, the exact same circumference as a CD Rom. Hey, at least it wasn’t Spam! Sorry, Ryan. Please forgive us.


Log-on to adventure

When Ryan isn’t hard at work removing cured meats from our disc drives here at eyebobs, he can be found exploring Minnesota’s beautiful North Country with his wife and two boys. Luckily for his brood, he is also an avid reader of survival stories, making him a veritable woodland MacGyver. Rumor has it he once defended an entire clan of Norwegian tourists from a hungry sasquatch with just a coaches’ whistle and some dental floss. Okay, so maybe it was a bear, not a sasquatch. And the bear was actually stuffed. But you guys, you should have seen this thing! It had a really judgmental face. Whatever the conditions, you’re always safer with Ryan around. Perhaps this dutiful drive to protect those around him began in his childhood, when he would spend hours on end playing with his extensive collection of GI Joes. He still has them today! He even lets his kids play with them - under strict supervision and after providing two valid forms of identification and a small security deposit, of course. Go Joe!

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