HEAD Fashionista

Sandra - Flat Cat

Seeing the future

Hailing from France, our resident doyenne of design, Sandra uses her worldly style sensibility (and a seriously enviable wardrobe) to add a splash of chicness to our irreverent and slightly jaded meritage. As the VP of Product, she’s always looking ahead to the future of fashion – anticipating trends and using elements of art, runway and street style to keep our frames fresh and fascinating. And while her stylish eye is trained on the future, her smile is aimed directly at her fellow eyebobbers. Sandra is bright, bubbly and always ready with a ‘bonjour,’ even before she’s had her morning coffee – a most impressive trait indeed.


Artful Living

Her passion for fashion never takes a holiday, even though Sandra might. Always up for an adventure, Sandra has a fervid love of art and travel – exploring the globe and filling her carry-on with inspiration, wherever she might find it. When she isn’t roaming the globe, you can find Sandra spending time with her husband and three daughters, perusing design blogs, or poring over world news (or her friends’ Instagram feeds). And just to up the style-factor (as if it weren’t already off the charts), she does it all with the help of an expansive wardrobe of eyebobs, including her current favorite, Flat Cat. C’est magnifique!

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