Fantastic Frame fixer


Repairs with care

Listen, sometimes through completely unavoidable circumstances, tragedy can befall one’s treasured eyebobs. When the unthinkable happens, our resident repair pro/performer of optical miracles, Scott, is the guy you want to know. He’ll take those mangled frames and bring them back to life faster than you can say “flexible spring hinges.” And he won’t even ask you how many glasses of merlot you had before your frames fell in the toilet.


That’s how he rolls

Here’s a little-known Scott fact (so you can be ready for your next Scott trivia night) – his very first foray into the world of gainful employment was working as a DJ at a roller rink. In response to this revelation, Scott’s coworkers are currently installing a makeshift roller disco in the basement of eyebobs HQ. These days, Scott tends to prefer two wheels to four. When the weather is cooperative, you can find him cruising the Twin Cities on his motorcycle. He also digs tennis, hanging out with his son, and reading (outdoor humorist Patrick McManus is a favorite). Oh, and he can sing! Did we mention it’s a basement roller disco/karaoke bar? Trust us, it’s going to be a scene. Now excuse us while we go see a guy about a disco ball…

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