CUSTOMER experience

sonja's eyebob of choice Phone It In 17

Well-versed in service

Few know this, but while the line, “If you’ve got a problem, yo - I’ll solve it” was originally attributed to the poet laureate Vanilla Ice, it was actually coined by our Customer Experience pro, Sonja. True story. It’s an autobiographical account of the can-do attitude and thorough, thoughtful approach to helping customers that makes her such a valuable addition to the eyebobs crew. So if you’re looking for someone to stop, collaborate and listen to all your optical woes, go ahead and give her a ring!

Netflix and (no) chill

Call her Sonji. Call her Sonjers. But whatever you do, don’t call her after the previews have started. This movie maven is all about the silver screen. In fact, she watched 365 movies last year alone! Her tastes run the gamut from horror to indie; sci-fi to classics – with special love for anything directed by Spike Jonze or Sofia Coppola. Impressive, given some of us still have yet to find out how Titanic ends. Shhhh – no spoilers! No word as to whether she is on track to repeat this daring feat of cinematic consumption this year – or whether she is a popcorn or Junior Mints person. We’ll let you know after movie night!

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