Not your average CFO


To sum it up…

Crunching numbers and taking names, it’s just another day in the life of our Chief Financial Officer, Sue. Well-versed in the art of the spreadsheet, she is a master of wrangling unruly data into submission and making it talk. Sue digs deep and doesn’t stop until she finds the insights to make the business better. And bonus: she puts them into charts that even the least mathematically inclined of her cohorts can digest. With the help of her trusty Case Closed eyebobs, there’s nothing she can’t graph!


Undercover art lover

When this analytical superwoman isn’t flexing her methodical muscle here at eyebobs, she loves tapping into her creative side. Sue is an ardent appreciator of theater and the arts. Left brain, right brain – hey, why choose sides?! This fondness can be traced back to her high school days when she was stealing the show in school plays and tearing up dance floors with a mean rendition of The Bump. In addition to the arts, Sue also loves a good murder mystery. In novel form, of course. She isn’t considering a second job as a private detective, to our knowledge anyway. But with her knack for getting to the bottom of things, that has potential to be quite a successful side hustle!

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