customer service

Wanda in Snippy color 10


Can you hear a smile over the phone? Because we like to think that our friendly Sales Operations and Development Assistant, Wanda’s mega-watt grin comes through loud and clear. Lucky for our wholesale customers, since Wanda is their go-to gal for all their eyebobs related queries. In addition to providing direct support to our accounts, she’s the Gal Friday for our internal and external sales teams too. Wanda makes it all look easy with the help of her trusty Snippy frames. But don’t let the sweet smile fool you, she’s got an irreverent side too. How else would she have earned her eyebobs nickname, Wicked Wanda? What can we say, we tend to bring it out in people.

Hamill hair, don’t care

When she isn’t working hard at eyebobs, Wanda likes to relax by taking in local theater, gardening, knitting and traveling. She’s also got some serious skills in the kitchen, often baking tasty treats to share with her coworkers. It’s a good thing too – prior to her start date our daily cookie intake was dangerously low. When asked what life was like before she became eyebobs’ Baker in Chief, Wanda refers to her high school years “rocking a Dorothy Hamill wedge-cut and hanging out in downtown Gaylord.” Don’t judge - Ice Capade-chic was all the rage in rural Minnesota. Here’s hoping that trend comes back around!

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