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Nudnik Polarized



nud·nik [noo d-nik] -noun: A pestering, nagging, or irritating person; a bore. These retro sunglasses are not for the insecure. Polarized sunglasses have no magnification; ideal for those who don't wear readers. High quality polarized lenses offer a glare-free view of the world with 100% UV protection.

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Nudnik Polarized ()
Color: 00 - Black top, gunmetal bottom

Sizing info

Metric 43mm x 15mm
  • Frame Size
  • Medium Melon
  • Frame Dimensions
    • 5 1/8"1. Frame Width
    • 1 5/8"2. Lens Width
    • 1 3/8"3. Lens Depth
    • 5 7/8"4. Temple Length