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WHAT DO YOU frequently ASK?

Why Eyebobs

Will eyebobs reading glasses make my butt look smaller?

Like any statement necklace or jaunty necktie, eyebobs reading glasses bring the focus to your face and away from your less than perfect posterior. They also help disguise bad hair days, turkey neck, crow's feet, fish lip and owl ear. Okay, so those last two may not be actual things, but you get the picture! eyebobs will help you see better and look fashionable – like walking and chewing gum at the same time.


But drugstore readers are so much cheaper...

True, but do you really want to rely on the same store where you buy antacids and the latest copy of the National Enquirer to provide you with fashionable eyewear choices? eyebobs are crafted with the highest quality materials and superior construction. They feature:

  • Top grade Italian plastics
  • Long, straight temples that allow eyebobs to sit either up or down the nose
  • Flexible hinges to keep frames comfortably in place
  • Optical quality frames that allow eyebobs to be adjusted for a personalized fit (or fit with prescription lenses)
  • Protective cases keep eyebobs safe when not in use


eyebobs are your chance to make a first impression

  • People look at your eyes first and as our customers tell us, eyebobs make a lasting impression.
  • Fashionable and hip reading glasses make it easy to embrace your need for readers (no cheating here!)
  • Your sight and your image are worth it.


Do my eyebobs come with a case?

Yes!  You will receive a complimentary case with each frame you purchase. Additional cases may be purchased here.


Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

May I return or exchange my eyebobs if they make me look like a dork?

In the unlikely event that you fail to look highly intelligent or on the cutting edge of fashion in your new eyebobs, you have 30 days from date of purchase to return new merchandise.  Once it's received at eyebobs HQ, your return or exchange will be processed in 2-3 business days. Read more about our return/exchange policy.


I live in Minneapolis. Can I drop by to see all your styles or drop off my return or get an autograph and photo with Bob?

Our Minneapolis location is our main office and flagship store. It's open to the public between 9:30am and 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.  You can shop for frames with our opticians, complete returns or exchanges, or drop off frames for repair. Or if you’d like to shop for frames with one of our local retailers, you can use our store locator to find a fabulous eyebobs retailer near you. Sorry, no photos with Bob. He's camera-shy, and also fictional. Much like Santa or the Tooth Fairy, he exists only in our hearts. (Sorry for the spoiler if you're hearing the Tooth Fairy bit for the first time.)


“Free Gift with Purchase” Return Policy

You are welcome to keep your “free gift with purchase” item, even if you return the item you purchased.  If you choose to keep the “free gift with purchase” item, the amount of your refund will be reduced by the retail price of the gift.


Repairs and Warranties

Oh no! My eyebobs are broken - help!
Okay, keep calm....deep breaths.... Now, take a look at our repair service information here. Our opticians are here to keep your eyebobs up and running. We’ll do whatever we can to help you through this difficult time and return your eyebobs to their previous glory.


Do my eyebobs come with a warranty?

All eyebobs come with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects.  Manufacturing defects do not include scratched lenses or wear and tear.  Eyebobs that have been stepped on, dropped, run over by a car, chewed on by dogs, smashed by toddlers, abducted by aliens or blown up by dynamite do not qualify. Please contact us with questions regarding warranty repair or replacement. 


Fitting and Care

What should I do if my eyebobs sit crooked on my face or slide down my nose?

A qualified optician can adjust your eyebobs for a personalized fit.  Having your glasses adjusted is like having a suit tailored; it is best done in person for a custom fit. (Face it, you will look totally hot after!)  Most optical stores will do adjustments at no charge.


How do I care for my eyebobs?

Responsible bob owners can read more on care and feeding. 



How do I figure out my ideal magnification?

If you’re not sure what strength is best, our handy test can help you figure it out. Please note: while it’s a great way to help determine a strength that will work for your needs, this test is no substitute for the recommendation of your eye care professional.



Can I put my prescription in eyebobs frames?

All our frames are optical quality, which means a qualified optician can replace the lenses.  Not all frames work for all purposes. Check with your optician to see if your prescription has any specific restrictions and that the frame you've selected fits you properly.  When placing your order, select the ‘for prescription’ option in the lens power menu. Read more on converting your eyebobs into cool, custom eyewear.


What does the ‘for prescription’ option mean?

This option indicates that you are taking the frame to your optician to have lenses changed, which allows us to send you any magnification.  All eyebobs frames ship with reading lenses. We do not ship frames without lenses or with clear lenses.  Your optician will remove the reader lenses and replace them with your prescription.


My optical says they can’t put prescription lenses in my eyebobs. Why?

Occasionally, some perseverance may be required to have your prescription in eyebobs frames. First, remember all the cash you saved because you didn’t buy a $400 frame.  Then, know that some opticals are not comfortable working on a frame that they did not sell to you.  The major chains will rarely switch the lenses for you so your best bet is a local independently owned optical.  You may need to visit more than one.  Try our store locator to see if an eyebobs-friendly optical is located near you. Or call us and we will do our best to guide you to someone in your area.  We know, we know…. it can be a pain in the butt.  But that extra work will pay off when you are rocking your new prescription eyebobs!


Can you help me out if I stop by your headquarters?

If you live in or will be traveling to the Minneapolis area, you can have your prescription filled at our World Headquarters. You lucky duck, you! Just bring a copy of your current prescription (updated in the last 12 months) and our lab can create lenses for you. Don’t have a prescription? No problem! We offer quick, professional exams on site so you can find the perfect frame in your perfect prescription. Call us at 866-393-2627 to schedule an appointment or learn more.


Custom work

Can you replace the lenses in my eyebobs with a different magnification?

We can outfit your bobs with new lenses.  Bear in mind, reading glasses go through A LOT of wear and tear with daily use.  New lenses may not be the wisest investment. If you think your frames are in tip-top shape, you have two options:  consult with your optical about cutting new lenses or send them in to us.  Contact us for a service quote and information on how to send them in.


I need a +1.50 in my right eye and a +2.00 in my left.  Can I still order eyebobs?

Well we don’t usually do this, but since you are so nice……we can create pair of eyebobs for you with two different magnifications.  There is an additional charge to do, so if you have some models you are considering please call us for a quote.  One thing to note, these custom creations are not eligible for return or exchange.  Bob’s loving hand made these especially for you, and they want to stay perched atop your nose!



How do eyebobs sunreaders work and why aren’t they recommended for driving?
eyebobs bifocal sunreaders are the perfect solution for those of you who refuse to be the one at the beach wearing sunglasses over your readers. With the built in bifocal reading lens, you can look down to read and look up to see in the distance. If you are new to bifocals, take time to get used to them and begin by using them for sitting and reading only. As you get used to them, you may be able to walk, talk, and juggle while wearing sunreaders. But because they are not custom made to fit your specific eye measurements, we urge you not to drive in them.



What kind of materials do you use in your eyebobs? 

Italian block acetate (zyl): This is the type of plastic we use to make nearly all of our frames. Laminated acetate frames have layers of colors that can be lasered for a multi-colored, “stacked” effect. Italian block acetate is not injection molded, rather every frame is hand-made. This is the good stuff, people! If you want color, acetate is your material. 

Bamboo: eyebobs bamboo reading glasses are a chic and eco-friendly option. The temples are hand carved from sustainable bamboo. Because bamboo is a natural material, the temples cannot be adjusted like our other frames. Attempting to adjust or bend these temples could cause the bamboo to split or break. We’ve given them a bit of curve for a more comfortable fit. Adjustments shouldn’t be necessary. Remember: every time a bamboo temple breaks a panda cries. Think of the pandas!

Aluminum: Our aluminum series is a great choice for those looking for a sleek, lightweight and hypo-allergenic option. This series features adjustable nosepads for a comfortable fit.

Flocked Finish: This collection will flock your socks off! Frames with brilliantly colored flocked fronts with lightweight nylon temples are lightweight, comfortable and seriously stylish. Like our other frames, eyebobs flocked collection can be converted to prescription eyewear by a qualified optician. Just make sure they “cold pop” the lenses. No, we’re not talking popsicles here! The lenses should be removed without heat to preserve the yummy richness of the finish. I know it sounds tempting, but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!


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