Get your prescription put into eyebobs

Eyebobs prescription

Love eyebobs style, but don’t need reading glasses? 

Have no fear, nearsighted friends – eyebobs are equal opportunity style!  All our frames are optical quality which means the reading lenses can be replaced with your prescription by a qualified optician.  Progressive lenses, prescription sun, bifocals…you name it.  Nearly any prescription can be put in an eyebobs frame.  No need to pinch yourself, it really is true!  Just ask around our world headquarters, you’ll find nearly every member of our crew rocking their prescription eyebobs. 

In fact, if you are in Minneapolis, you can always come to eyebobs headquarters (1401 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis) and we can put your prescription in a pair of eyebobs for you! Living in the Twin Cities has its perks…   


Tricks of the trade

You don’t have to be an optical insider to get cool custom prescription eyewear. We’ve got the tips and tricks you need to hack your bobs. Just follow these steps and you’ll be sporting your new prescription glasses in no time.

1. Pick out your frames on - this is the fun part! Be a savvy shopper and note the frame measurements to help you find the perfect fit.

2. Choose the “Frame Only” option under the lens power menu. All frames come with a reading lens in them – we don't ship glasses without lenses. Your optician will remove the original lenses and replace them with your Rx.

3. Speaking of opticians, next you’ll need to find a qualified optician in your area. We recommend finding a local independent optician. If they have questions, they can call our headquarters and one of our certified opticians will guide them through the process. Try our store locator - many optical stores that carry eyebobs are willing to help with prescriptions. Some optical stores are not comfortable working on a frame that they did not sell you. If they tell you it can’t be done, you know better! Keep trying – you persistence will pay off when you’re rocking your new prescription eyebobs.

4. Take your eyebobs to your new best friend/optician and they will replace the lenses with your prescription.

5. Prepare for the barrage of compliments. You’ll be asked where you got your super stylish glasses, so share the love. Like the old proverb says, with great glasses comes great responsibility…or something like that.

Welcome to the world of accessory eyewear!

Getting fashionable custom eyewear is easy, fun and affordable with eyebobs! With the money you save on frames, you can get more than one pair. Don’t make shopping for prescription glasses a one-time event. Just like a perfect pair of shoes, eyewear can make the outfit. With so many fun and funky eyebobs looks to choose from, you’ll never have to miss an opportunity to accessorize. Welcome to your new obsession – happy shopping! 

Don’t forget: regular eye exams are crucial to good eye health. And you want those peepers healthy AND stylish!

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