why eyebobs?

Be Bold Be Badass Be You

Our Mission

You supply the personality, we frame it. We strive to frame all personalities, head shapes, skin tones and bridge types with our high quality, high style and highly differentiated frames. We believe that when you change your glasses, you change everything and undergo a total transformation. A transformation not into someone different, not into something average or expected and certainly not into the mold "they" think you should fit (what the hell do "they" know anyway?!?). We're passionate about driving something truly radical- the transformation into your true and authentic self. Taking that unique spark that only you have and turning it into a raging, four-alarm fire. Transforming you into capital Y-O-U

We truly love framing personalities- and we can't wait to frame yours!

Our History

In 2001 Julie Allinson found herself on the other side of 40 and suddenly unable to read the fine print. With the help of her optician friend (and future design collaborator) she set out to find the perfect pair of reading glasses. After carefully selecting her ideal frames, the final total left her with the type of sticker shock usually associated with a luxury sports car purchase or hotel mini-bar tab. A frugal farm girl at heart, Julie couldn’t bear the thought of spending the GDP of a small country on an item that would inevitably end up lodged between the sofa cushions. When she inquired about a more reasonably priced alternative, she was directed to the sad rack of cheaters at the local drugstore. The memory of what she saw there haunts her to this day…

As a successful woman with carefully curated personal style, didn’t her eyes deserve better? And there it was, her ‘a ha' moment. If what she was looking for didn’t exist, then she would just have to make it. Allinson set to work with a singular vision: to create a line of distinctive, high-quality eyewear for people like her, the irreverent and slightly jaded. 

That vision has become an all-consuming passion. As time went by, the smart, sarcastic and style-conscious got hooked on eyebobs. They loved the luxurious materials, outstanding craftsmanship, fashion, color and style. Savvy fans even started to “hack their bobs” by putting their prescription lenses in eyebobs frames. We heard the call loud and clear, “Give us an easy way to get prescription eyebobs!”

What can we say? Our fans are VERY persuasive. In 2017, we launched our first ever prescription offering. Today, along with our amazing readers, we offer progressives, single-vision prescriptions, Blue Light, All Day Readers and polarized sunglasses! We’ve got it all for Y-O-U. Consider us your one stop shop for daring, distinctive eyewear and more attitude than is technically healthy.

Oh, and speaking of shopping – eyebobs opened its first ever retail lab in 2017. Situated in our Minneapolis headquarters, customers could now work with our fabulous Fram-ists to find their perfect pair, and we've continued to expand our presence with new stores open in the Twin Cities, Orlando, Boston, Denver and the DC metro areas! As you can ... see, we're out to change the glasses game, one frame at a time. Look out eyes, we're coming for you

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