Meet Cynthia - Be Prepared For FUN!

May 31, 2020
Meet Cynthia

 “I love that working at eyebobs I can unapologetically be myself. I have worked with very prestigious brands in the past that were all about exclusivity. I have always been about inclusivity. You don’t have to be someone you’re not to hang out with us.” Cynthia lives that creed every day as she and her eclectic team of Frame-ists knock the socks off of every person that walks through their door. “It’s my mission to make sure our passion for eyebobs and our customers is felt by anyone bold enough to enter our doors.” Based on the scores of repeat customers who come with hugs, high-fives and boxes of chocolates with Cynthia’s name on them, we’d say it’s ‘mission accomplished.”

“I love framing personalities!  It’s so much fun to put a frame on someone and see their face immediately light up!  I don’t want anyone to leave my store in a pair of glasses that they don’t LOVE.  I ask, “How does it feel?”  If they respond, “it’s ok,” then I know that it’s not their frame.  I always say “ok” is not good enough at has to be great!”

When she isn’t spreading the eyebobs love at Mall of America, you can find Cynthia……well, you probably can’t find her. Chances are she’s on the water! This relaxation pro has a family home on St. Thomas that she visits as often as possible, at least once a year. She’s also all about that bass. When she lived in Seattle, Cynthia won female angler of the year in her bass fishing league. In Minnesota this year, she nabbed a 3 pounder on her first cast – and yes, there are photos to prove it.  

Customer Favorites:

Customer Favorites: