A Closer Look at Lenses.

Believe it or not, not everyone in the eyewear business is in the business of providing the best lenses for your eyes. We painstakingly select our lenses, only working within the confines of high-quality, optical-grade materials so that you can see with the utmost clarity … which is the whole point of wearing glasses in the first place.


These are the kind of frames that make it look like you wrote the book you're reading. Whether you’re trying to decipher the doctor’s chicken-scratch or your mother’s faded cookie recipe from 1950, our CR-39 lenses will make sure whatever you can’t read isn’t a “you” problem. Comes with a scratch-resistant coating, smudge-proof coating, and are available in diopters +1.00 to +4.00.

All-Day Readers (Progressive Readers)

Taking your glasses on and off all day distracts from your aura, and your pilates instructor would not approve of that. These all-in-one reader lenses for all-day wearability host your reader magnification in the lower part of the frame, half your magnification in the middle, and no magnification at the top. And thank goodness for that. Comes with an anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, smudge-proof coating, and is available in diopters +1.25 to +3.50.

Full Lens Reader Sunglasses

Although we are huge proponents of building out a robust, highly enviable collection of glasses, some of us were simply not meant to carry multiple pairs at once. If you find yourself frequently asking where your glasses have wandered off to, we’re looking at you. This lens combines your readers and sunglasses into one innovative, “powerful” pair of summertime spectacles. It comes fully tinted with your reader strength and 100% UV protection so you no longer have to swap back and forth between multiple pairs, which let’s be honest, can throw off the vibes of your summer outfits. It also comes with an anti-reflective back coat that makes looking at your phone or e-reader outside as easy as keeping track of one only one pair of glasses.

Full Lens Reader Sunglasses


Swapping your glasses all day long is a drag. Our multi-focal progressive lenses are digitally surfaced (which is optical speak for “the latest and greatest”) and allow you to see with crystal clarity at all distances. These polycarbonate lenses are also anti-reflective, "shatter-proof," lightweight, and 100% UV protected. Cheers to that. Also available in a 1.67 high-index lens.


“Shatter-proof” lenses may not be a thing, but dropping, scratching, and burying between couch cushions has met its match in polycarbonate lenses. Not to mention the anti-reflective coating, because you’re the only one who has earned the right to glare.

Polycarbo-who? Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, offer 100% UV protection, and are thin, so it’s suitable for almost any prescription. And for those who need heavy-duty lenses but despise the whole “heavy” part, our thinner, lighter, and crisper 1.67 high-index lenses will stop you from feeling a bit bug-eyed in your everyday eyewear.

Blue Light Protection.

Artificial blue light is one of the highest energy wavelengths and your screens blast it straight into your eyeballs all day. That’s why your eyes hurt. Whether you want glasses strictly for exploring the interwebs or with the blue light blocking coating added to your readers or prescription glasses, our blue light lenses can help. Comes with anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, smudge-proof coating and are available in diopters +1.00 to +4.00.

Log More Screen Time

With fewer headaches and less eye strain, you can stay up reading Churchill’s memoirs (or playing solitaire) on your iPad as long as you want.

Look Spectacular

Hundreds of style and color options. Block that blue light and look damn good doing it.

Work Comfortably

Our blue light lenses' anti-reflective coating will ensure your coworkers are seeing you on the screen, not any annoying glare. We guess you could say blue light glasses are virtually the best thing for all your virtual meetings.



We didn’t think it was possible to see the Maldives any clearer. Just kidding, we make high-quality, polarized sunglasses, we knew it was possible. 100% UV protected, backside anti-reflective, and particularly James Dean-y.

Grey Polarized: The most common shade of sunglasses, our grey lenses keep colors looking natural while making visibility easy on the eyes (just like you).

Brown Polarized: Brown lenses enhance contrast and produce vibrancy, making them the best color to wear while driving, fishing, and golfing.


For those who relish in the feeling of not having to touch their glasses all day long, we suggest the “sunglasses and prescription glasses two-for-one.” These highly adaptive lenses darken when exposed to light and fade back to clear when indoors. If it weren’t for all the compliments you’re going to receive, you’d forget you’re even wearing them.

Lens Materials.


As we see it, the high-quality, highly durable, lightweight, and easy-to-clean CR-39 lenses are the gold standard for readers and perfectly suited for everyday use. Not that it's a popularity contest or anything, but if it were, CR-39 lenses would totally be homecoming queen.


Some might guess it’s the extreme durability, lightweight, or general high-quality nature of the polycarbonate lens that deems it the best material for all of our standard prescription lenses. But what really caught our eye is it’s uncanny ability to remain ultra-thin no matter the prescription.


Allow us to introduce you to the strongest lens material for those with a strong prescription (greater than +4.00 or -4.00). These lenses keep a powerful prescription as thin as possible and come highly recommended considering the whole coke-bottle look never really took off.

Scratch Resistant

Just call them lenses that withstand the occupational hazards of being human.

Anti Reflective

Reduce the reflective glare you see while looking through your glasses and others see while looking at you. Now the only glare you’ll have to deal with is interpersonal.

UV Sun Protection

Why only dim the light of the sun when you could protect your eyes from damaging side effects, too?

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